CCLI Welcomes Kathryn Meintsma!

Attorney Kathryn Meintsma of HealthRoad Legal focuses on Administrative Health Law and Family Law. Kathryn also offers unbundled legal services for those who need just “a little legal help”.

Asked about her practice in administrative health law, Kathryn writes: “I spent nearly three decades in the medical industry, helping physicians and nurses implement new medical technologies into clinical practice. It was a privilege to know skilled care providers and see the personal sacrifices they often made for their patients. I provide legal support to nurses, physicians, and allied health providers when they face the suspension or loss of their professional license.”

As for family law, Kathryn observes, “The first time many people hire a lawyer is when facing separation from a significant other, divorce, or custody arrangements for their minor children. Keeping parents involved in their children’s lives is particularly important when families come apart. During this stressful time, you need a compassionate lawyer who will focus on your concerns, explain your rights, and help you understand what to expect next. I offer low-cost, face-to-face consultations to help you sort through the issues, and reduced fee services based on income.”

Kathryn also offers unbundled or a-la-carte legal services.  “Today a large percentage of people file paperwork with the court system on their own behalf without the help of a lawyer. Most cite financial barriers to hiring a lawyer as the reason they ‘go it alone.’ I offer sliding-scale fee, limited-scope legal services for those who want help with contract review, paperwork completion, or with structuring a go-forward plan.”

Kathryn notes, “The stress resulting from an unresolved legal problem can undermine your wellness at every level. We all talk about paying attention to our physical, mental, and financial health, but we rarely talk about the importance of legal health. My law firm is called HealthRoad Legal because I believe that an effective, supportive lawyer can point out obstacles and opportunities that will impact your overall wellness, and help you reach the ‘new normal’ sooner. Choosing the right lawyer may be the on-ramp to legal health on your personal health road.”
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CCLI Welcomes Kathryn Meintsma!