CCLI Attorneys Help Close the “Justice Gap.”

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When a potential client was seeking a resolution to a boundary issue, one attorney’s advice was a probable court litigation at a cost of $30,000. This attorney was likely giving the client full representation and the costliest possible outcome. For those who cannot afford this type of full representation, there are thankfully, other options.

One option is to represent oneself “pro se.” The court requires that anyone who represents herself must follow all the rules of evidence, civil procedure, criminal procedure, statutes of limitation, statutes of law, and case law. This does not always turn out well. This is, thankfully, not the only option.

When seeking an attorney, you may ask whether that attorney is willing to provide unbundled legal services. Many attorneys are willing to provide unbundled legal services to help those who might not otherwise afford legal help. In other words, to help close the justice gap. Perhaps you only need help writing a letter, or making sure you are following expected procedure, or prepping for a mediation or trial. Attorneys that provide unbundled legal services, allow you to choose “al law carte” so-to-speak, and pay for only the services you need.

Uplifting Legal was able to help solve the client’s boundary issue by drafting an easement. In this case, the easement solved the issue, preserved the neighbors’ relationship, kept the issue out of court, and was at a significantly lower cost to the client.

Uplifting legal is one of several law firms at CCLI who provide unbundled legal services. If you have a legal need, contact one of CCLI’s law firms directly to see whether your issue can be resolved.

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Uplifting Legal, LLC, specializes in Real Estate and Construction Law.
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Taylor Kaspar Law, LLC, specializes in Estate planning, Probate, Elder Law. (Guardianship, Conservatorship), and Family Law.
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Paloma JBP Law Services, LLC, specializes in Family Law, Housing, Small business, General Civil, and Employment Law.
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The Law Office of Joseph G. Vaccaro, PLLC, specializes in Criminal (defense or expungement), Civil Rights, Employment, Family, and Housing Law.
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CCLI Attorneys Help Close the “Justice Gap.”