About every six months, CCLI welcomes a new cohort of participants.  We can accept a limited number of lawyers at a time, depending on available space and resources.

To qualify for CCLI’s small-law-firm incubator program, you must be a recent graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law or its predecessor schools, and:

  • Be ready to commit to up to 18 months running your own firm and dedicating a substantial proportion of your work to low-bono and sliding-scale services on behalf of people of low and moderate income;
  • Be willing to consult with mentors, attend training sessions in the Twin Cities, teach CLEs, and participate fully in the programming of the incubator;
  • Have prepared a business plan for your small firm, including choice of primary legal practice area, desired clientele, and ultimate geographic location;
  • Have made choices demonstrating your interest in starting a small firm (for example: networking, internships with small firms, membership in relevant organizations, participation in relevant Mitchell Hamline coursework, investments in outside education and technology, etc.) or have already started your own practice;
  • Have at least two people willing to serve as references;
  • Have anticipated and planned for irregular cash flow and limited income during your time in the incubator;
  • Have taken and passed the Minnesota bar.

Plus factors include:

  • Proficiency in a language other than English;
  • A desire to help a particular Minnesota community or clientele, and experience or education related to working with that clientele;
  • A willingness to remain involved with CCLI as a teacher and mentor to future participants after the conclusion of your participation in the incubator; and
  • An interest in learning, and serving clients in, one or more legal practice areas where there is a great need for low bono services:
    • Criminal expungement
    • Drivers’ license issues
    • Family law
    • Housing law (landlord-tenant)
    • Immigration law
    • Occupational license issues
    • Small business law (entity formation and contract disputes)

We recognize that everyone’s circumstances are different, and welcome applications and proposals from interested lawyers who may not fit a traditional profile.

If you’d like to apply, please contact