Refer a case

CCLI is not a law firm; it is an educational nonprofit dedicated to training and mentoring new lawyers. Each of the new lawyers participating in CCLI has an independent solo law practice, and each has committed to provide a substantial percentage of their work to the public at low-bono and sliding-scale rates.

If you know of a low- or moderate-income person who is not able to get free legal assistance and is looking for low-bono or sliding-scale legal assistance, that person may be a good fit for CCLI’s participants.

Encourage that person to call us:

Everyone who calls CCLI seeking legal assistance will be screened and will be connected with a CCLI participant. The CCLI participant will evaluate the case and make an independent decision whether to offer representation to the caller. If the CCLI participant offers representation and the caller accepts, the caller will be a client of the CCLI participant’s individual law practice, not a client of CCLI.

You are of course welcome to refer anyone needing legal assistance to our participants directly.

If you have questions or would like to discuss referrals (either of a particular case or on an ongoing basis) please contact us or email our Executive Director,