Become a volunteer mentor

If you’re an attorney with five or more years’ experience in practice, you can serve as an ongoing mentor to CCLI’s participants. We ask that each mentor spend at least 2 hours each month working with our participants, either in person, by phone, or online—and we encourage you to record and report your time to us so that we may recognize your efforts. We provide professional liability insurance that will cover your work as a mentor for CCLI.

We need the help of experienced mentors in all subject areas, especially in:

  • Criminal expungement
  • Drivers’ license issues
  • Family law
  • Housing law (landlord-tenant)
  • Immigration law
  • Occupational licensing
  • Small business (entity formation and contract disputes)

Want to get started?  Please contact us letting us know about your experience and your interest in mentoring.  Thank you!

Help us teach new lawyers

If you have experience in business administration, marketing, solo or small-firm law practice, low-bono or sliding-scale law practice, working with communities and individuals that face barriers to accessing justice, or other topics relevant to new lawyers who are building community-based small law firms, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us. If you’re wondering what we’re looking for right now, please check out our wish list.

Join a committee

Our dynamic Board relies on the engagement of committees that develop programming, plan events, recruit talent, raise money and awareness, create and nurture partnerships, and generally attend to the strategic and operational business of running a law firm incubator in Minnesota.  Here are some of our ongoing projects:

  • Planning continuing legal education seminars and other programming
  • Developing relationships with donors, mentors, and referring organizations
  • Raising awareness of CCLI’s work and developing funding to support it
  • Reaching out to communities whose members may need low-hono and sliding-scale legal services
  • Anticipating changes in the market for legal services and assessing the impact of new technologies and practices
  • Studying how low-bono service by lawyers is recognized and supported in Minnesota, and assessing whether change is needed to encourage more lawyers to serve clients in the “justice gap”

Want to join us? Get in touch!