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Well, we’re lawyers who can help you figure it out. Let’s start with the most common problems we see:

#1. The average cost of legal services in the Twin Cities is $300/hour.
#2. People representing themselves in court need help to do the job well.

Our solution: We’re lawyers who offer budget-friendly services aiming to serve those in the “justice gap.”

What is the “Justice Gap?”

Look at our income spectrum.

People at the top 20% of the income spectrum are able to hire private law firms.

People at the bottom 20% of the income spectrum (about 187.5% FPG or less) may be eligible for legal aid and pro bono.

Most people earn too much for legal aid and too little for private law firms. The outcome? We are left with what we call the “Justice Gap.” These people end up representing themselves in court — or not going to court. In Minnesota, this middle 60% is regularly served only by small firms of 1-7 lawyers.  That’s why CCLI exists — it is designed to encourage entrepreneurial lawyers to start small firms.

How are we able to offer lower costs?

Collaborative Community Law Initiative (CCLI) is an incubator where newer lawyers can start their own solo firms. Just like small businesses, small law firms can get their start in an incubator. This allows for them to have lower overhead and charge less. We also encourage our newer lawyers to deliver and price services in innovative ways, which allows them to offer exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

Our services


Did you know that when hiring a lawyer, you don’t have to buy the entire package? You can buy small tasks.

  • Reviewing documents before you sign them
  • Coaching for court dates and mediations — great for those representing themselves
  • Double-checking court papers before you file
  • Business formation and disputes
  • Legal questions
  • Drafting documents


We can provide hourly lawyer fees based on your income.


We can also negotiate a flat price based on your needs. Ex: “My services for your specific needs will cost $500, no more, no less.”

Core areas of practice

  • Elder
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Licensing
  • Small business
  • Sealing old criminal records

We help clients on a case-by-case basis.

The best place to start: email us or call us. Contact us if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our core areas of practice. We can likely refer you to other lawyers in our network. We’d love to hear from you.

English speakers: 651-321-9255 | Nosotros hablamos español: 651-383-1450

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More information about the incubator

What does a small firm incubator do differently? It is a structured environment where new lawyers can build a law practice with access to…

Small firm incubators are a trend.

Other states have adopted the trend ever since the first incubator started in 2007 in New York. California has as many as 12 incubators.

How it works